I feel a need to explain a bit about these new works. I admit to a very superficial knowledge of Zen Calligraphy -but what I have read or experienced in my own experiments make me feel this is a worthwhile pursuit in my own work.
The elements I seek to "use" from the Zen calligraphic tradition probably exist in my own tradition - Judaism - but are probably less clearly articulated in Jewish sources.
I do feel there is an overlap between Zen "aims" and "aims" mentioned in certain Chassidic writings - at the very least involving the ego.
In my own work, I have felt a need to open up a bit the usual "square" forms of the Hebrew character, to allow for more personal expression - often incorporating Hebrew cursive forms. The  present result of these experiments (with a lot of stops on the way) is an almost abstract Hebrew - a sort of personal visual language which has enough flexibility to be used in different ways in improvisational compositions.