One of the decisions a couple needs to make when ordering a ketubah is whether to order an original or a print. An original is made from scratch especially for you.
(ksuva,ketuba, ksuvah)

The ketubot I offer as prints incorporate state of the art technology to give your printed ketubah the look of an original. Each ketubah will be individually printed up specifically for you - and so the names will seamlessly fit in, giving the look of an original. The scripts used are derived directly form my hand calligraphy to give a look quite similar to the original.

You can also order customs texts to go with your prints
The Ketubot you see on the Ketubah home page are all original ketubot. You may  commission a ketubah similar to one of these designs or discuss with me possibilities of variations on these themes. All materials are of the highest quality and permanence, to insure the ketubah will last for generations. For an idea of some of the prices of these originals please click HERE
I have also prepared several of my ketubah designs for print. To see which designs are available as prints, please click here