containing the full text of the Song of Songs in Hebrew, set in a unique flowing letterform/typeface called Shir, (meaning song or poem), designed by Hebrew calligrapher and letter designer Izzy Pludwinski especially for use in lyrical texts such as The Song of Songs. The text is illustrated by the powerful full-page linocuts of renowned artist Mordechai Beck. The book also contains a preface (in Hebrew and English) on the development of the typeface, plus an essay from the artist (Hebrew and English) on the Song of Songs. The book is printed on 118 gram Strathmore Fiesta Natural paper- deckled side edges retained. The dimensions of the book are 35 cm. width by 25 centimeters height (approximately 14 x 10 inches), landscape format, hardcover,.


containing a line by line English translation of the Hebrew text, set in Herman Zapf’s elegant Zapfino typeface. Approximately the same size as the main volume. Paper bound.

The two volumes are set in an attractive wood box, with a silk screened
illustration on cover of box.

There are two editions of the book making for a total of 510 (the
numerical equivalent in Hebrew of the word Shir , which is the name of the typeface, and the opening word of the Song) copies.



The Standard Edition is a beautiful offset production and consists of the main Hebrew volume, the translation volume, all presented in a silk-screened pine-wood box. The hard cover binding of the Hebrew volume is made with an abaca/cotton handmade paper dotted with cinnamon, (one of the spices mentioned in the Song) which was made especially for this edition by Natan Kaaren and Esther Cohen, and with an illustration silk-screened on the cover.


The Deluxe Edition is limited to the first 60 copies, numbered Aleph to Samech. In this edition, the seven full - page linocut illustrations are hand printed from blocks by the artist in the book. Included in the deluxe edition is a separate linocut (one of the illustrations in the book, selected by the purchaser), hand printed by the artist on Somerset paper, and suitable for framing.

Both editions are hand-bound. All copies are numbered and signed by both the designer and the artist.
Presenting a special, limited edition, in two volumes, of Shir Hashirim - The Song of Songs. Designed by Izzy Pludwinski, illustrated with the powerful linocuts of Mordechai Beck.