Dear Izzy,

Your wonderful new publication has arrived and I cannot thank you enough!  What a beautiful book!!!  I suppose I expected no less as I know how involved you were with the design - but it is really spectacular!  The text is highly instructive and the images are sumptuous - I hope that this book achieves the success it deserves and I am sure it will be the standard text for all future classes in Hebrew calligraphy.

With best wishes,


Sharon Liberman Mintz

Curator of Jewish Art
The Library of The Jewish Theological Seminary
New York, NY 10027
212 678-8975


Dear izzy,

Today's  mail arrived this afternoon, bringing with it your 
book......and I haven't done a bit of work since I opened that 
package.  I started at your introduction to this totally awesome work 
and don't want to stop. I'm amazed at how thorough you have been, 
nothing important missing and so many "helps" included. It's almost 
like having you right there to answer  any question that come up. Rudi 
and I  wish you many re-printings for this wonderful book.

So... .congratulations , BRAVO  BRAVISSIMO,

(Barbara Wolff, artist, New York)


I received Izzy's new book this week. Why would a calligrapher who neither speaks nor writes Hebrew order Izzy Pludwinski's book entitled Mastering Hebrew Calligraphy? Simply because it is a most marvelous book. Izzy has applied his thirty some years of calligraphic experience and produced a book that speaks to any calligraphic artist. The process is the same only the letters are different .... monoline first, all the information about tools, cutting quills, gilding make sense in very alphabet. The progression from beginning to improvising with the Hebrew makes just as much sense if you substitute Roman Caps. And did I mention the artwork? The photos and illustrations are terrific. While my rudimentary Hebrew letters may never see the light of day outside my studio (mostly because I wouldn't have a clue what I was writing), the process of creating them will give me hours of pleasure. Thanks Izzy!

( Sandy Riddell Wagner, artist and calligrapher - U.S.A.)


I am pleased to report the safe arrival of your book here in Cape Town, RSA. ...... WOW what a book. Certainly deserving of more attention than I have been able to give it these last few days, but I am utterly in awe.  The attention to detail, the amount of material gathered together, the concise explanation and instruction all so well presented between two covers must surely make this a valuable reference manual from here and on into the future!

Congratulations Izzy.

(Hilary Adams, artist and calligrapher, South Africa)


I finally had a chance to look over your book this Shabbat. It is brilliant.
You have approached so many elements of calligraphy it is amazing.
The respect and grace with which you approach each subject and each artist is humbling.
I can understand how it took you 9 years (I think that is what you said) to do this book.
It will be used as a reference and learning guide for many, many years.
It must have taken so much energy, thought and time that it is going to take a while to replenish your creative energies.
Kol haKavod and thank you for enriching all the lovers of the Hebrew letter !

(Laya Crust,artist, Canada)


Hi Izzy!
I wanted to send you a note to commend you on the EXCELLENT job you did with your book. If it is possible to add a humanistic aspect to a make one feel like they are being instructed personally by the author in this have achieved it. I can hardly wait to get started working with it as I teach myself this beautiful hand.
Thanks so much for this wonderfully written book of excellent instruction.....the world needed just such a work from such a talent.

Angela Welch - artist and calligrapher


Dear Izzy

......... I think it is magnificent. I haven't had time to look at it in detail but I can already tell that it is
chock full of good things and the reproduction of the colour pieces is
excellent. You must be very proud!
We are in the middle of moving house to Wales but as soon as I have time I
will write a review for The EDGE and once my back is totally healed I shall
really look forward to picking up a pen again and improving my Hebrew
Mazel tov on a wonderful finished article!

(Gilly Middleburgh, calligrapher, U.K.)